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National Grid | No new NYC gas customers until state approves pipeline

2019-09-10 Update

National Grid reminding us that there is to be no additional gas load added to any existing gas customer, regardless if the meter size is adequate, for jobs installed after May 15, 2019 . Customers will not be entitled to Burnham gift cards or Energy Efficiency rebates for any added load equipment. Any pressure problems that may result from adding gas equipment will also be the plumber’s responsibility. If National Grid is notified we will isolate the equipment and issue a warning tag.

(as of 06/20/2019) National Grid Gas Connections & Added Load Procedures

National Grid announced that the company won't process any new natural gas service applicants in its New York City and Long Island service territory until the Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) gas pipeline receives its necessary permits.

Please refer to this flyer for cut-off dates.

National Grid's message:

Dear Trade Partners: Until the Northeast Supply Enhancement pipeline project (NESE) is approved and permitted, no new gas load can be added except for Staten Island. Please see types of work detailed below: New Service/Additional Meters Completed applications submitted prior to May 15 will be processed. After May 15, applications will be accepted but not processed. Customers will receive a communication indicating the request is on hold until the NESE project is approved and permitted. Added Load (non-heat to heat upgrades/added load) No new load can be added to current gas accounts regardless if the meter size is sufficient. If gas load is added and the customer experiences pressure problems the onus will be on the plumber to rectify the situation for the customer. National Grid will not upgrade meter or service. Equipment Program Suspended for new application requests after May 15.

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